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Poliziotteschi Style

tired of sprezzatura?
Yeah, us too.
Why not trade in that studied nonchalance for the criminal style of "poliziotteschi" for a change?
Poliziotteschi, a.k.a. polizottesco, is a loose fusion of the Italian words polizia (“Police”) and esco (roughly the English equivalent of the word “-esque”).
 Put them together and you get a sub-genre of Itlaian film popular throughout the 60’s and 70’s. Full of graphic violence, car chases, organized crime, heists, and rampant corruption, the films are admittedly light on plot.
But what they lack in storyline, they more than make up for in style inspiration.  
Ray Bans, Vintage Alfa Romeos, Motto Guzzis, sharp Italian suits all set to downright kinky soundtracks has us rethinking our current list of most stylish movies.
For a more modern day adaption, look into the movie Nine; equally as stylish sans all the violence. Here’s some inspiration with a heavy dose of Alfa Romeos…