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Behind the Scenes: Marfa, TX

It takes work getting there but after two connections, a layover, and a 200 mile drive from the nearest airport, you feel a sense of accomplishment arriving in Marfa, TX. A tiny jewel buried in the vast expanse of far west Texas, Marfa has been a contradiction ever since its unofficial founder, artist Donald Judd, began renting a house here in 1971.
Nestled in between hundreds of thousands of acres of government property and private ranches, Marfa is a haven for contemporary art looking to make a mark on barren land. A juxtaposition of art against desert, new against old. We were drawn to this and the clean, empty desert. A perfect antidote to hectic city life. A place where James Dean shot Giant, his last leading role before the actor's untimely death. A place where the Cohen brothers sought fit to film Javier Barden claim his first victim on a desolate stretch of Pinto Canyon Road in No Country for Old Men. A place where P.T. Anderson’s There Will be Blood shot nearly all of its 158 minutes on one of Marfa’s largest working ranches. If it’s authentic enough for Daniel Day-Lewis, it’s authentic enough for us.
Pinto Canyon Road
We slept on the floors of vintage Airstreams, roamed the wide open desert collecting old beer bottles and drank by fireside after production wrapped – the stuff of great adventures with friends.
Our Spring/Summer collection was at home here – a place where you can find yourself driving a 356 one hundred miles without passing another car. Wide open. Silent. Inspiring. Welcome to behind the scenes of Rivay Spring Summer 2016 and Marfa, Texas.