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You heard it before you saw it.

On a stretch of RM - West Texas speak for "Ranch to Market" road 2810 - outside of Marfa, Texas the unmistakable shaped bobbed up and down across the horizon as it came towards us.

A Porsche 356 is a rare car as is, but to see a 356 in Marfa, Texas - just 60 miles from the Mexican border - was something entirely more unusual.

It's one of those classics on everyone's list. A shape, beauty and pedigree unrivaled.

Eugene Binder, owner of the Marfa gallery of the same name, is a passionate car guy who agreed to lend us the car for a couple of shots in the open desert.

As Eugene pulled over onto the small shoulder, we saw the 356 up close. Perfectly imperfect - a dent here, a rust bleed there - it was a driver.

Eugene stepped out. You could see the smile on his face – the same smile every car guy has after being out on the road. We shook hands. His were cold and he smelled of burned fuel. Our team converged and Eugene began the tour.  

A late 50’s 356, largely original save for the dealer installed bumper and wheels traditionally found on later model 356s. A cracked windscreen, original leather racing harness, vintage coco mats – it had a patina found only on cars with years of open road enjoyment. 

As he spoke, you could feel Eugene’s passion - 100% authentic. A genuine excitement he wanted to share with us. 

We shot for an hour or so, working our way in and around the car. Eugene watched from a distance – staring with a big smile on his face. Just happy to be looking at his car, almost as if we weren’t there.

We wrapped, took a group photo and as quickly as Eugene had appeared on the horizon, he was gone. That same roar bouncing off the desert valley. His passion is still with us and we like to think that our collections resonate a bit of it, however small.

Rivay Marfa Porsche 356

Rivay Marfa Porsche 356

Rivay Marfa Porsche 356

Rivay Marfa Porsche 356

Rivay Marfa Porsche 356

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Rivay Marfa Porsche 356