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Prized for its lightweight and breathable quality, the Oxford Shirt was first popularized by British Raj polo players in 19th century India. To prevent the collar from flapping in the wind during match play, players added small buttons to the collar. The collar remained in place and the oxford cloth button down (OCBD) was born.

Fast forward a few decades and the OCBD made its way stateside thanks to Mr. John E. Brooks of Brooks Brothers. Ivy league coeds followed suit and by the 20s, the OCBD was married to a repp stripe tie and raising a pair of Weejuns and a navy blazer in the New Haven 'burbs.


Some examples of the oxford over the years... 

We respect this classic, but were having a hard time incorporating it into our daily routine. It feels a little dated, a little dusty from all the country club cobwebs.

So we decided to go back to the drawing board and keep the essence, but dial up the modern.

We started (albeit sacrilegiously) by removing the button down collar (we don't play polo) and then added two front camp pockets for something a little different than the single pocket with monogrammed initials. And the oxford cloth? Well, that's the best part. We sourced ours from Portugal and then washed it here in NYC so you already have a jumpstart on that soft, worn-in feeling. 

In the end, the Rivay OCBD lost the 1900's BD but gained some serious 2018 style.


Check it out below...