About Us

Casual: Made in America

America invented casual. Ever since the introduction of sportswear in the early 20th century, America’s love affair with laid back style has grown to encompass everything from workwear (denim) to military uniforms (khakis). But somewhere along the road of casualization, things got sloppy. Khakis and sport coats gave way to velvet sweatsuits and casual became something of a dirty word.

We want to get back to a place where casual is about freedom, comfort and practicality but still maintains a level of polish and refinement. Because your best dressed moments shouldn’t only belong to a suit.


How We Do It

Take a close look at any suit from a storied Saville Row or Neopolitan suitmaker and three things stand out: fit, fabric and construction. As casualization went mass market in the dot-com era, all three suffered.

Today, fabrics are chosen according to cost alone, with little attention paid to quality, origin, uniqueness, or durability. Global manufacturing is focused on speed-to-market, not quality construction or proper fit.

We take a page from the tailored world to bring the quality and refinement back to casual; focusing on fit, fabric and construction. 

We partner with the finest fabric mills in the world (many of whom supply those very same Saville Row houses). We work with responsible, family-owned manufacturers who employ old world manufacturing techniques to ensure meticulous craftsmanship and proper fit.

It’s more expensive, but in the end your wardrobe will be more durable, last longer and get increasingly better with age.

Who We Are

Rivay Founders Jon and Katie

Rivay Founder Katie in Studio

Rivay was founded in 2015 by Jon Ruti, a native of New York and former prosecutor in New York City. Shortly after leaving the law and founding Rivay, Jon met his now wife, Katie, a menswear designer with over seventeen years experience working for the likes of Jenna Lyons, Mickey Drexler, Todd Snyder and Andy Dunn. 

The couple’s passion for travel inspires all of Rivay’s collections, whether it’s exploring the souks of Istanbul, watching the Serengeti’s Great Migration, snowmobiling Iceland, or people watching at a Parisian cafe.

Jon and Katie now live in South Salem, New York having recently moved out of NYC following the COVID-19 pandemic.

These days you can find Jon running the day-to-day and Katie as the head designer. 

The Ethos 

noun: The characteristic spirit of a community as manifested in its beliefs & aspirations. 

We have a deep appreciation for the story behind people, places and things; a passion for craftsmanship and authenticity and an insatiable curiosity about the world around us.

The effortless and timeless quality of something excites us. Whether it’s travel, drinks with good company, a vintage car, a good book or a far-flung hotel, as long as it embodies these characteristics, we’re interested.  

We try to champion this spirit in all of our designs.

Rivay Founder Jon in Studio

What’s in a Name?

We often get the question: “What does Rivay mean?” Like all good stories, it begins at a bar.

Jon was having a beer(s) with his good friend Thibaut who had just returned from Paris as the manager of the Double RL store on the Left Bank. The two talked (drank) and soon stumbled upon what would become our namesake.

Jon always had a soft spot for old cars and airplanes, specifically ones that had rivets prominently displayed on their bodywork.

Jon: “I can’t call a company ‘Rivet’.”
Thibaut: (pronounced rivet in heavy French accent) “You mean, re-vay?”
Jon: “Done, I’m buying.”

And so it was, Rivay the name was born. We think it apt, as the rivet has come to symbolize one of manufacturing’s oldest, strongest and most beautiful construction methods.

Hop In

When you invest in Rivay, be assured that you will look effortlessly chic and rugged wherever you end up. You’ll still enjoy the versatility, comfort and durability of casual, but in elevated form.

Please feel free to reach out anytime to info@rivaynyc.com or DM our instagram account @rivaynyc (Jon runs the account).

Cheers and welcome to the world of Rivay!
Team Rivay