Barn Burner: Cars, Travel and John Deere Gators with Alex C.

The Rivay Dispatch Mr. Alex C. Alex wears the Quinn Chambray Workshirt in Washed Red and the Series Chino in Khaki


I met Alex filling up at a local gas station. He was driving his Land Rover Series IIa and I was in my old G wagen.

Pump 2: “Do I see you and your wife driving around in a Mercedes 280SL?”
Pump 1: “Yeah, that’s us.”
Pump 2: “You should come by sometime and see this barn I have.”

And that was all it took for a new friendship to form. Turns out Alex and I live near each other, enjoy the same passions and apparently use the same gas station. Alex is an interesting guy so I asked if we could come over to the above-mentioned barn, shoot him in Rivay chinos and ask him a bunch of questions. He kindly accepted and our conversation follows. Enjoy!



JR: Tell us about the day job…

AC: Sustainable agriculture. I invest in – and then support the growth of – organizations that help feed more people, better food, with less resources. 

JR: You’re a car guy (I mean we met at a gas station) how about a rundown? And don’t forget to tell us about the stable where they are kept!  

AC: Always a work in progress, but here’s the current (and pending) list: 

  • 1967 Land Rover Series 2a 109. Marine blue over elephant hide (road-legal tractor)
  • 2001 Porsche 996 Carrera 4 cabriolet. Lapis blue over natural brown (first love)
  • 2005 Porsche 996 Turbo S cabriolet. Lapis blue over natural brown (last production run of Turbo S manuals)
  • 2020 John Deere Gator 6x4 Deere green over Deere yellow (property tank)
  • 2022 Porsche Cayenne eHybrid. Midnight blue over grey (NYC commuter car)
  • 2023 Mercedes GLS. Silver over black (family truckster / kid hauler) 

In process (welcome any leads): 

  • ’66, ’67 or ‘72 Porsche 911 with sunroof in champagne yellow
  • Piaggio Ape - looking to build a mobile summer bar cart 

The “stable” is a renovated barn, that itself has been a passion project over the past 3 years. Think of it as the world’s largest cedar closet (for cars). 

The Rivay Dispatch Mr. Alex C.Alex wears the Quinn Chambray Workshirt in Washed Red and the Series Chino in Khaki

The Rivay Dispatch Mr. Alex C.

The Rivay Dispatch Mr. Alex C.Alex wears the Slub Cotton Tee in Asphalt under the Quinn Chambray Workshirt.

The Rivay Dispatch Mr. Alex C. A Man and his Car by Matt Hranek

The Rivay Dispatch Mr. Alex C. Negroni Monkey 47

JR: Do you have a favorite? 

AC: Without question, the ’67 Rover. My daughter fondly refers to “him” as “Charlie.” It represents the most analogue, mechanical driving experience imaginable. Right-hand drive, non- synchro mesh gear box, no power anything. Driving it is a release from everything on your mind, and it’s more functional than most think. Heck, it was my daily driver in Manhattan for several years. 

The Rivay Dispatch Mr. Alex C. Land Rover Series 2a 109"

The Rivay Dispatch Mr. Alex C. Land Rover Series 2a 109"The truck was originally imported from the UK to Milan in the early 70’s and then spent the last 20+ years crawling up and down rows of grape vines in Franciacorta before a friend and colleague of mine in Italy found it and snapped a photo. It was love at first sight. Within weeks I had it shipped to NYC. “Charlie” has a much better life out here in the barn vs. NYC, but still up for almost any adventure (under 40 mph). 

The Rivay Dispatch Land Rover Series 2a 109"

JR: Is there anything you dislike about driving or riding in it?

AC: Speed limits above 40 mph. 

JR: The road you drive to take your mind off things?

AC: Wake up in NYC, early, very early, before the sun comes up, and get on the West Side Highway. Drive as far north along the Hudson as you can reach. If you have time, grab a meal and drinks in Hudson, stay the night, drive back the next day on the other side of the river. Just do it early, traffic sucks. 

JR: Car you most regret selling?

AC: 1984 Jeep Scrambler. It was my first car. Enough said.   

JR: You have one hour to escape your normal day, what do you do? 

AC: I’m always looking for new projects around the property or in the barn to “escape” from the routine. 

JR: Now you’ve got 2 weeks…

AC: Somewhere fun, far away with friends, but always a direct flight from JFK. 

JR: The one hotel that you judge all others by and why…

AC: Tough one. Borgo Santo Pietro or Villa Feltrinelli. Santo Pietro is the most unique farm-to-table hospitality experience set in the Tuscan hills occupying an entire town (“Borgo”). Villa Feltrinelli is nestled on the shores of Lake Garda under the Italian Alps, offering the most incredible service imaginable. I wouldn’t choose, plan a trip to visit both with a fun car to get from A to B - just watch out for the speed cameras. 

JR: You can teleport to any bar in the world right now, where to? 

AC: Even tougher, I’d like to step back in time and have one last drink at Gramercy Park Hotel’s Rose Bar. Absent time travel, Duke Bar in London if Alessandro is pouring or Clumsies in Athens if the sun’s still out. 

JR: What’s your drink?

AC: Negroni March – October, Manhattan November - February

JR: What will we always find on your nightstand?

AC: New York Post, WM Brown’s Spring issue (anyone who has a 6x4 gator is going to generate good content), running to-do list and pencil.

The Rivay Dispatch Mr. Alex C. WM Brown Magazine Land Rover Series 2a 109"

JR: Do you have a travel hack for everybody out there?

AC: I spend nearly half my time on the road…so there is a lot to unpack here… Invest in a versatile, go-anywhere carryon. Mine is a Ghurka Express No. 2.

The Rivay Dispatch Mr. Alex C. Ghurka Express No. 2

Google pin the bars and restaurants you find in new cities, after enough trips, you’ll have ideas for any occasion. Never check a bag, if you do, you’re packing too much. 

JR: Where’s your hometown? 

AC: Boston, MA. 

JR: Place we’re most likely to find you if we’re looking?

AC: In motion. 

JR: Place we’d never find you? AC: Watching TV.


Okay, speed round! 

JR: What’s on the wrist?

AC: Rolex GMT & bracelets made my oldest daughter – both remind me of home. 

The Rivay Dispatch Mr. Alex C. Rolex

JR: Rocks or neat?

AC: Neat, double. 

JR: Last Google search? 

AC: How to tap maple trees.

JR: Biggest risk ever taken? 

AC: Convincing my wife, the consummate New York City girl, to take an adventure with me out here in “the country.”



Thanks, Alex! 
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The Rivay Dispatch Mr. Alex C. Land Rover Series 2a 109"Alex wears the Quinn Chambray Workshirt in Washed Red and the Series Chino in Khaki
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