Ascari X Rivay

A collection of fine handcrafted goods available only at Rivay

Known for his classically designed, handcrafted bicycles (Ralph Lauren has one on display in his personal office) Helio Ascari has an authentic passion for craft, materials and story. He founded Ascari cycles in 2011 and has since expanded his unique handcrafted abilities to a host of other objects. We've long admired Helio's craft and are excited to be partnering with him on an exclusive collection made just for Rivay.

Handcrafted. Made to Endure.

The Leather Wrapped Vintage Pin

A keychain, a hook for your bag or simply a beautiful desk object, the leather wrapped vintage Military pin is available now. Made in USA by Helio.

More about Ascari

A Passion for Design & Fabrication

Since the age of eleven, Helio Ascari has been working with steel and wood; trained by artisans in a small Italian village in the south of Brazil. After 13 years in the fashion industry, he decided to work on his very first passion: Bicycles.

Made in USA

After years of honing his craft, Ascari expanded beyond bicycles to create one of a kind objects with the same exquisite precision, attention to detail and remarkable finishes.

The Ascari X Rivay collection is all hand crafted in Helio's Westchester County, NY studio, only minutes from the Rivay Men's Shop in Bedford, New York.

Sophisticated design, timeless beauty.

The Bronze and Leather Pen Holder

Machined from solid bronze on Helio's restored 1942 World War II lathe, this special piece weighs in at a substantial five pounds. Wrapped in signature Italian leather, the holder can accommodate anything from writing instruments to bar tools.

Nearly 100 years old and ready for a new owner.

1940s WWII Air Corps Sunglasses

A rare piece in their own right, these 1940s CESCO company glasses with detachable sunglass are passionately brought back to life by Ascari with Italian leather and handmade brass finishings.

The Complete Ascari X Rivay Collection