The Aluminum Case: Storage, elevated.

Almost a year into the pandemic and Work From Home is beginning to look like the houseguest that won’t leave. My personal effects - art, books, objects - were pushed aside to accomodate his computers, boxes, boards and very un-sexy peripherals. My guest bedroom? WFH turned it into a mailroom. The reading nook? He’s got the IT department in there.

It’s beginning to feel like the walls are closing in on me, or as Tyler Durden said, like the stuff I own is starting to own me.

If you want to keep things from taking over we recommend investing in the last storage system you’ll ever need - the Aluminum case. 

I can’t remember when my obsession with the aluminum case took hold, but like other passions, it had something to do with my dad. Dad was a longtime subscriber to National Geographic.

His den was covered with stacks of the distinctive yellow rectangles. When he was at work, I’d sneak in and pull issues that struck me: A Himalayan expedition, a Rwandan gorilla named “KoKo” holding a 35mm - I spent hours on the floor surrounded by the exotic and uncharted.

Undoubtedly, in the background of a humanitarian mission or an Arctic expedition sat an unassuming aluminum box. Dented, covered in cargo stickers, adorned with a UN or Red Cross logo - the humble case captivated me.

Rivay Zarges the Aluminum case

It was a symbol of adventure, a small but critical supporting actor in the theater of world events near and far. It’s purpose was simple: Organize & Protect.

Rivay Zarges Aluminum Case
Rivay Zarges The aluminum case

The Godfather of the aluminum case is Zarges. Founded in 1933, the German company began producing lightweight alloy ladders, debuting their first aluminum case in 1951. The same case was later supplied to the 1958 German-Austrian Himalayan expedition, cementing the cases reputation for reliability among mountaineers and adventurers worldwide. 

Over the next fifty years, Zarges became the premier supplier of aluminum cases and storage solutions to militaries, aerospace industries, governments, aid organizations, NGOs and private companies.

Rivay Zarges The aluminum case

You don’t have to be on an expedition or flying a cargo pane to appreciate the utility of these cases. Lightweight, yet strong, dust and waterproof up to IP 68 (essentially, submersible), they perform as good as they look. And wow, do they look good. Simple with clean lines, they look just as natural on the back of a donkey as they do in a living room (seriously, we have two as coffee tables). They also make great seats, step stools and general working surfaces all while keeping your stuff out of sight.

As we move into Spring and the inevitable Spring cleanup, check out the aluminum case as a long-term solution for all of your storage/organization/keep-WFH-in-check needs.   


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