Vintage pick ups

Defenders, Scouts, Fjs, Wagoneers, and Broncos; it’s an enviable list of classic trucks and for good reason. Their handsome looks, rich history and utilitarian nature speak to that inner car guy in all of us.

But with demand soaring and supply dwindling, these old boys are commanding new money prices.

So what to do if you want rugged good looks without the penalty of early withdrawal on your 401k? The early American pick up might be the answer. A stalwart workhorse on the American farm for close to a century, they command as much style, functionality and credibility as most of their expensive counterparts. Done right, they’ll look just as cool ferrying surfboards to the beach as they will valet parked in the urban jungle. Search through the noise and bad stigmas; the huge lifts, the lowered street stance, the Calvin decals, the hitch testicles and you just might find yourself some seriously handsome looks at a bargain price.

Some favorites include the early 70’s Chevy c10 (prices are already up) and fifth generation Ford F-Series (’67 to ’72). The key is to keep it simple and keep it stock. A little patina in the form of faded paint and surface rust only adds style points. Happy hunting and let me know if you have any on your eBay


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