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Helio Ascari Leather Wrapped Vintage Military Safety Pin

Helio Ascari Leather Wrapped Vintage Military Safety Pin

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Each Ascari pin is hand finished in his signature Italian leather wrap. The leather is twisted on by hand and then coated with varnish, giving each pin a rich cognac color. On the static side of the pin, the leather is twisted over itself, creating a beautiful helix. A hand made knurled brass grip aids in the opening of each pin. 

The pin began life as a functional military object used in WWII. A pin was used to secure the top of a duffel bag filled with laundry. The corresponding number on the face identified the (thousands) duffle bags sent to laundry facilities.

We use the pin as a key chain, a clip on a piece of luggage, or simply as a beautiful desk object. The sharp point of each pin has been ground down by hand to ensure safety. 

  • Pin numbers 188 and 157 are slightly longer and measure 5 1/2" long.
  • All other pins are 1/2" smaller in length and measure 5" long.
  • All pins measure 1 1/4" at the widest point.
  • Brass with nickel plating. As the nickel plating fades away the brass is revealed. 
  • Italian Leather


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